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What is Chocohax

ChocoHax is a Lua based anti-cheat, developed for FiveM servers to block most of internal cheats. ChocoHax is the most effective, and well-rounded anti-cheat on the market, allowing you to protect your server and player base, so that you can enjoy the game! We have many years of experience developing anti-cheats, with extensive knowledge on how they work.

ChocoHax is able to detect 95% of client-sided cheats, checking, and detecting weird/modified resources, or players behaviors and blocking them, instantly banning the cheater 👶.
ChocoHax is able to secure your server, inhibiting cheaters from accomplishing their task!

  • 95% effective
  • Constant updates from our customers suggestions
  • Support 24/7

ChocoHax is the first private anticheat developed for FiveM, a project born from over 2 years of cheats development, we are able to think and predict cheaters 👶 much better. We are a friendly community that will always support you, and we are ready to answer to any question. You can download the latest update everytime you want from our discord in a dedicated area. Be aware of known scammers and paster selling or reselling renamed stuff

What is Lynx Community LTD

Lynx Collective LTD was born in February 2019, we started developing LynxMenu.
In 2020, we stopped working on that, and began the development of the best anti-cheat for FiveM, ChocoHax.
At the start Lynx was a joke but then, in 2019, it became a reality. It is made to communicate and bring players of all types together throughout our community.
Now, we have more than 3,000 total users, all playing, and sharing our passion together.

ChocoHax support

Are you in trouble? Having issues with your server, or any other issues?
We’re here to allow you to take a breath from your problem, and receive some of the best support available.
Join our Discord community for a 360° support!

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