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What is Chocohax

ChocoHax is the first private anticheat developed for FiveM with over 2000 protected servers, it is made in Lua 5.3, able to detect more than 95% of the threats. ChocoHax is able to protect your server and your playerbase and let you enjoy the game with our best performance optimization.
ChocoHax is the most effective on the market!

You want to have a peaceful and quiet server? ChocoHax is the right choise, we would like to remind you that ChocoHax is still in development and we constantly update the security of the anticheat.

ChocoHax can detect cheats in different ways... We can always predict new cheats thanks to our Artificial Intelligence that's able to scrap,search, and learn new things everyday...
But that's not all, ChocoHax is based on ideas and suggestions made by the community, trying to create a complete and compact Administrative Tool for your server.
Our advanced detection methods are optimized to work on all servers/frameworks with any game build.

The reasons are simple:

ChocoHax is a paid private anticheat, At the moment we are not offering trial subscriptions... for any question contact our Support team

ChocoHax is a digital good, we generally offer no refunds. You assume the responsibility for your purchase. Exceptions may occur whenever technical issues can not be solved by our Support Team.

Lynx Collective SRL may offer discounts occasionally, Consult our #news page for more informations.

Lynx Collective SRL

Lynx Collective SRL is a company born on February 2019, when we started developing Lynx Menu
At the start Lynx Collective was a joke but then, it became a popular community. It is made to communicate and put all togheter our whole community.
Now, we are more than 5K users, all togheter, sharing our passions and playing together!

How to buy Chocohax

Official subscriptions can be safely purchased, through our Lynx Collective SRL official forum or our authorized resellers.


€ 14.98/w

  • ChocoHax Access
  • 1 IP
  • Support

28d, 100d, 365d

Starting from...

€ 44.98/mo

  • ChocoHax Access
  • 1 IP
  • Priority Support
  • Additional IP*

One time payment

€ 219.98

  • ChocoHax Access
  • 1 IP
  • Priority Support
  • Additional IP*

* Additional IPs are sold separately.

Compare plans

Trial Subscription Enterprise
ChocoHax Access
Priority Support
Dedicated Panel Access Download Area, Configurator, Documentation, API, GBans
Multiple IP Support*
Unlimited ChocoHax AI Access
Unlimited Updates Access
One-Time Payment

ChocoHax support

You're in trouble? You're having issue with your server or anyother kind of problems?
We are here to let you take a breath from your problem, giving you our help.
Join our community for a 360° support!

Get support!

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