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What is Discord

Discord is an online voice and text chat app. Discord allows you to communicate for free in real time through its app for all desktop and mobile devices. thanks to discord we can communicate easily whenever we want and offer fast and direct support to the user.

Discord's features allow users to better manage licenses, download updates, communicate with support and talk to other users. In our discord it is also possible to communicate directly with the support and ChocoHax's moderators in case it's needed, with the possibility of purchasing ChocoHax licenses for your FiveM server in a completely safe way, through the support of a Reseller.

  • 💬public-chat
  • A public chat where you can talk with anyone on the server

  • ⭐chocohax-reviews
  • A channel where our happy customers can leave a review about our products

  • ⭐resellers-reputation
  • A channel where you can find our best resellers

  • 📜terms-of-service
  • A very important channel where you can read our Rules/Terms of Service

  • 🚩ticket
  • A section dedicated to tickets, where you can ask your question to our Support Team

  • 🍫ChocoHax
  • A private area where you find updates/news and talk with other server owners

ChocoHax reviews

These are some reviews from our users! To read all users reviews, join the Discord.

"ChocoHax is the best anticheat on the market. Ive been using the Lynx Collective Anti Cheat for months now and it has never failed to excite me. The Developer Nit34byte constantly works on improving the anti cheat finding new methods to detect the cheaters who join our servers! The setup is fairly easy if you read the documents to understand where every file goes! This anticheat saves a lot of server from total chaos!

Well worth the money!

- Shifty#6424

"I would like above all to thank the supports, the founder as well as the seller for their kindness towards me and they are people who listen, without language barrier [FR] - [EN]. On this point I congratulate them.

At the level of the purchase of the Anticheat "Choco Hax" no installation problem, everything is indicated thanks to a tutorial, the anticheat has already been proven on my server with 100 people connected constantly it succeeded in detect all modders.

In conclusion I recommend it to you and my 5/5"

- Saint-Patoche™#9999

"By far the best anti-cheat I have used, has all the features you could ask / look for, ever since I got this I have went from 5 modders a night to 5 banned modders a night, you can sit back roleplay and let the anti cheat do it’s thing without worrying about someone coming in and messing with your server."

- Scully#5775

"I can't recommend it enough. If you run a server with good amount of traffic, this is a MUST. Especially when FiveM devs can't be arsed to make an effective anti-cheat. ChocoHax is your first line of defense, it will save you a lot of headaches. With dedicated development team that actually listens, it doesn't get any better than this. No matter what kind of server you run, a good anti-cheat is crucial for the integrity of your server and DFWM is the perfect solution that will fits any needs of your server since its modular and very configurable. The admin menus is also useful for general cleanup tasks. ."

- DasSheep#4752

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