€ 17.98

7 Days subscriptions.



€ 44.98

28 Days subscription.



€ 89.98

3 Months subscription.


Prices may vary depending on the payment method you are going to use
Alternative Payment Methods: Skrill,CryptoVouchers


Official licenses can be safely purchased, only through our Lynx Collective LTD website and the authorized resellers.
Resellers will help you purchase the license in case your payment method is not BTC (or any other cryptocurrency).
The website will let you pay only with cryptocurrency for now
You can find our official resellers only on the Lynx Collective LTD discord.


Website: When your payment is done, do a screenshot of your Order ID, and open a ticket on Lynx Collective LTD discord, and wait for the activation by our staff.
Reseller: If you're buying via an authorized reseller, your license will be activated by him.

Lynx Collective LTD Discord


Scammers try to impersonate resellers and official staff!
Check the names and links if they're authentic or not.
Always check if the website link or the username contains special characters, trying to mimic the real ones.
The real authorized Lynx Collective LTD resellers and staff, are ONLY inside the official discord.
ChocoHax may **not** protect you from External Cheats

  • UPDATES - Access to download new updates.
  • SUPPORT - You will get support from our supporters via our Discord Ticket Bot
  • TUTORIAL - 3 diffrent tutorials for you and your dev team to setup the anticheat
  • DOWNLOAD - Access to our discord and to the Download bot to download the files
  • CUSTOM FILES - Access to more suggestions and files that can help you and your server
  • IP BINDING - RESET - You can reset your IP

  • Admin Menu - You can manage your map and players via an exclusive menu based on our old release Lynx Menu 9.0
  • Webhooks - You can get logs for anything you want, from connections to detections
  • Commands - Console/Client sided commands to manage your players
  • Client Side Protection - We are able to check on client side if the user is using an internal cheat
  • Server Side Load - Our anti-cheat is optimized for the best performance possible on the client side

    • Server Side
    • Force Identifiers - You can stop sneaky cheaters by blocking their connection to the server
    • Blacklisted Words - Blacklist words you don't want in your server chat
    • Blacklisted Weapons - Detect Weapon giving/removing - Ammo checking
    • Whitelisted/Blacklisted Entities - Black/Whitelist objects you don't want in the server
    • Whitelisted/Blacklisted Vehicles - Black/Whitelist vehicles you don't want in the server
    • Blacklisted Events - Block TriggerServerEvent execution
    • Blacklisted Names - Block weird player names from joining the server
    • Lynx Collective Whitelist - You are able to block from connecting known cheaters
    • Anti Nuke - A powerful system that detects if a vehicle or explosion nuke is going on, blocking and banning the cheater

    • Client Side
    • Secly - Our powerful weapon against cheaters able to detect client sided lua menus
    • Anti Spectate - Prevent players from spectating
    • Anti Blips - Prevent players from using blips

  • What Secly does? Secly is a client sided script able to detect in real time cheats or injections

  • Yes
  • Dedicated Private Servers - ChocoHax is compatible with most of Dedicated Private Servers OVH,NFO,Contabo,etc...
  • OS - ChocoHax is compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Framework - ChocoHax is compatible with ESX,VRP,qBus and any other Custom Framework

  • No
  • Shared Gaming Hosting - ChocoHax may NOT be compatible with Shared Hosting ex. Zaphosting
  • Virtual Private Servers - ChocoHax may NOT be compatible with a low performance VPS
  • Anti-Cheats - ChocoHax may NOT be compatible with any other anticheat (conflict)
  • Paid/Obfuscated Resources - ChocoHax may NOT be compatible with paid or obfuscated resources (conflict)

Payment methods:

credit card Skrill PayPal Bitcoin